Tacoma Subdivisions


If you are considering subdivisions in Tacoma, WA, or nearby areas, you have landed at the right place! When it comes to Tacoma subdivisions, Leroy Surveyors & Engineers, Inc. provides you with civil engineers and professionals who can help you with a wide range of services including legally modifying your property boundaries.

Your Tacoma subdivisions project will comprise of dividing your property into two or more smaller lots.

These Tacoma subdivisions may also include realignment of your existing property lines or even merging two or multiple lots into a single one.

You may be requiring Tacoma subdivisions for multiple reasons. Your Tacoma subdivisions can help you with diversifying your development opportunities. We provide professional services when it comes to:

  • Short plat subdivision
  • Residential subdivisions
  • Tacoma subdivisions
  • Plat survey for property
  • Short plat land divisions

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Tacoma Residential Subdivisions


The Tacoma residential subdivisions refer to splitting up a piece of land into multiple lots for the construction of residential buildings. You may want to have Tacoma residential subdivisions if you are considering to resell or reinvest your property.

You may also need Tacoma residential subdivisions for a piece of land on which you plan to have a multifamily development project.

No matter why you need Tacoma residential subdivisions, the important question is who to contact for these Tacoma residential subdivisions.

The answer is simple – us! We take pride in being a locally owned company that is centrally located making us conveniently accessible throughout the region.

  • Foundation evaluation
  • Erosion hazard
  • Septic design services
  • Multifamily developments
  • Permeable pavement
  • Storm plans

When it comes to Tacoma residential subdivisions, call Leroy Surveyors & Engineers, Inc.!

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Tacoma Short Plats


Interested in Tacoma short plats? You may want to have Tacoma short plats to create additional lots for construction or may be considering Tacoma short plats for tax parcels.

You can go for Tacoma short plats for reinvesting purpose or selling the additional lots. Whatever the reason is, our Tacoma short plats experts are here for you

In addition to providing you with Tacoma short plats services, we offer land surveying, civil engineering work, land development services, and professional consulting services.

We also offer services including, but not limited to:

  • Residential septic design
  • Infiltration design
  • Landslide hazard
  • Restaurant septic system
  • Geotechnical services
  • Onsite wastewater services

Our team at Leroy Surveyors & Engineers, Inc. are experts when it comes to Tacoma short plats – call us now!

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