Tacoma ALTA Surveys


If you are new to ALTA surveys in Tacoma, WA, or surrounding neighborhoods, then reach out to Leroy Surveyors & Engineers, Inc. We provide Tacoma ALTA surveys that adhere to the national standards developed by the American Land Title Association and the National Society of Professional Surveyors.

For a layman, the Tacoma ALTA surveys can be referred to as property boundary surveys, but in reality, these Tacoma ALTA surveys are a lot more than boundaries and easements.

Our Tacoma ALTA surveys are conducted by experienced and professional surveyors who are qualified to perform these Tacoma ALTA surveys and have a valid seal and license number.

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  • Tacoma ALTA surveys
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Tacoma ALTA Land Title Surveys


There are several complex steps and processes involved in your Tacoma ALTA land title surveys.

It is not only important for the Tacoma ALTA land title surveys to comply with the Washington state laws regarding the civil engineering and real estate domains, but the Tacoma ALTA land title surveys should also follow the report standards created by ALTA.

Tacoma ALTA land title surveys ensure that your property meets the standard requirements that have been recognized by the government as well as private entities.

Reach out to us for your Tacoma ALTA land title surveys today!

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Tacoma ALTA Surveyors


Our Tacoma ALTA surveyors are licensed professionals who have been helping companies and individuals with their real estate and civil engineering projects. Our Tacoma ALTA surveyors will provide you with a detailed report highlighting your property boundaries, easements, as well as encumbrances.

Our Tacoma ALTA surveyors will also include the property features, names of neighboring property owners, roads as well as your property access details which are crucial to any property owner or developer.

Other important details include zoning and flood zone classifications, encroachments, water boundaries as well as the presence of cemeteries on the land.

Our Tacoma ALTA surveyors are here to help you with your land, construction as well as development project. Get in touch if you are interested in hiring:

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Our Tacoma ALTA surveyors at Leroy Surveyors & Engineers, Inc. are just a phone call away!

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