Tacoma Boundary Surveys


Professionally conducted property boundary surveys in Tacoma, WA, and elsewhere are crucial for any land development or construction project. It is vital to have the physical limits or borders of your site clearly defined to avoid any boundary disputes later on.

Proper Tacoma boundary surveys should be carried out beforehand going ahead with the building work.

It is essential to hire the right professionals to conduct land and topographic surveys. Leroy Surveyors & Engineers, Inc. is proud to be one of the most trusted companies for performing Tacoma boundary surveys.

We have helped numerous land development projects to be completed successfully with our thorough Tacoma boundary surveys.

Contact us now to hire our team for the following:

  • Lot survey
  • Survey boundary lines
  • Property corner markers
  • Lot line survey
  • Land survey markers

Leroy Surveyors & Engineers, Inc. is the expert to hire for conducting Tacoma boundary surveys!

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Tacoma Property Boundary Surveys


We take a detail-oriented approach to conducting Tacoma property boundary surveys. The survey is a legal document and has to be 100% complete and accurate.

We acknowledge this and ensure that Tacoma property boundary surveys are conducted using seasoned technicians, cutting-edge equipment and proven techniques.

Those who hire us for Tacoma property boundary surveys can forget all worries about encountering complications like title defects, property disputes, lost royalties and more in the future.

Our Tacoma property boundary surveys give precise information about the dimensions of the sites to enable proper planning of the construction projects.

We are here to provide you with our expert services for your:

  • Property boundary markers
  • Property line survey
  • Property markers
  • Property survey markers

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Tacoma Topographic Surveys


We also specialize in carrying out Tacoma topographic surveys that involve locating all the surface features on the property, such as land elevations, contours, embankments, watercourses, trees, ditches, roads, utilities and more.

Tacoma topographic surveys provide three-dimensional information about the concerned properties, which helps avoid costly mistakes while developing or constructing the sites.

Our company is equipped for conducting detailed, accurate Tacoma topographic surveys on even sites with the most challenging terrain and unique geological features. Our sincere, hard-working experts can be relied upon for flawless Tacoma topographic surveys.

You need not look any further than us for proven professionals to conduct the following services:

  • Topographical land survey
  • Land contour survey
  • Topological survey
  • Geotechnical and topographical survey

Call Leroy Surveyors & Engineers, Inc. to have comprehensively conducted Tacoma topographic surveys!

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