Privacy Policy

LeRoy Surveyors & Engineers, Inc. Privacy Policy

The mentioned document is to reveal the activities conducted by LeRoy Surveyors & Engineers, Inc. website (address of the website) for concerns associated with visitor’s confidentiality and executive working of this site.


Information provided to LS&E through this website is solely under the ownership of LeRoy Surveyors & Engineers, Inc. and we use it to improve the user experience. We improve our way of working and your experience through the information provided.  Data is compiled via the form given on our website, the browser`s cache and cookies.

Information is obtained through the subscription form on our site, during the placement of order and when you connect with us. The identifiable information  which may be obtained includesphone number, email address, etc. and the sensitive information like credit card number, bank account number, etc. . Sensitive information is for order accomplishment purpose only and such information is only compulsory when the client places an order online for our services.


We are the sole owners of the information gathered from our website. We never share, or sell any information to any third party for marketing or any other purpose. The information is used to enhance user`s experience send recommendations or announce the promotional schemes by the company. Employees do not share, copy and send the information to any other individual or company for any purpose. We occasionally use the information to reply our clients and only to sort out their inquiries.


Only a few members of our team are permitted access to clients data under the authoritarian surveillance of our company`s officials. The information is protected in a secure database with passwords and security checks. The information cannot reach to any third party by any mean. No one is permitted to copy or share the data from our database. We have taken the essential steps for security of the information shared by. For sensitive information, additional precautions have been taken to secure data in online and offline modes.

Never provide sensitive information if you are not placing any order from our website. Such information is asked when it is compulsory to conduct the procedure. All the data is encrypted and transmitted securely to our database. You can verify it by looking for a closed lock icon at the bottom of your website browser or search for “https” at the beginning of the address of the web page.


Cookies are small packages of data which are stored automatically on the hard drive of visitors of the website to permit us to deliver you with increased access to our website. They are for identification and record upkeep of the visitors who open our website frequently or even rarely. They are an obliging tool for the progression of user`s experience. LeRoy Surveyors & Engineers, Inc. website use cookies as limited web identifiers to distinguish, categorize, and classify the pages you have visited along with blogs/ services/ products searches you have done through the website. This data aids us to recommend features such as more relevant ads and storing your invoice. As per your wish, cookies can be turned off, but you will not be able to access some of the features of our website.